Wood Siding

Wood siding includes V-groove, Shiplap, and Gap Siding, among others. Interior wood siding dates back centuries, almost as far as exterior wood siding first called log cabins. First, it bears mentioning that “shiplap” is just a lovely word to say. So pat and succinct. And doesn’t it, simply by virtue of having “ship” as part of its name, communicate a coastal/beach house feel? Shiplap acquired its name as its panels overlap. Shiplap is inherently informal becoming popular one the exterior. Nickel gap is not a play on words. The distance between boards equals the thickness of a nickel, with penny gap also being extremely popular. Gap siding looks great painted and is used for accent walls by many of our customer’s. A V-groove, also known as car siding, refers to the shape of the recesses visible on the face of a panel. These cuts are the result of an angular beveled edge aligned to an opposite angular beveled edge which creates a visible and distinct V-shaped recession in the face of the panel. There are faux panels created with a V-groove cut into them to give the illusion of being an actual V-groove panel.

Painted Nickel Gap Wood Siding

Southern Yellow Pine Shiplap

Southern Yellow Pine Nickel Gap

Southern Yellow Pine V-Groove