Unfinished Domestic Hardwoods

Unfinished domestic Hardwood flooring is graded based on the face surface, specifically its appearance. The most common grades of domestic hardwood wood flooring; clear (c & btr), select (s & btr), # 1 common, # 2 common and a variety of proprietary grades. Yes, proprietary, as in make it up. Hint, d Hardwood mills, true mills rarely sell directly to the public in “one off” orders, i.e.homeowners. Our Unfinished domestic hardwoods include White Oak, Red Oak, Walnut, Hickory and Hard Maple. Our hardwoods are Kiln dried with relief on the backside. Floors are tongue and groove on all four sides, aka end matched, with precision millwork throughout all grades.

So why buy unfinished instead of prefinished? Choice, the ability to customize color and finish or stain product; you can not find create texture and depth using a machine versus hand (site) finished. Unfinished hardwoods bring options; homeowners are free to choose your stain, or lack thereof with clear protective layers (clear) only.While it takes a bit more effort and time to site finish, the customized results become stunning. Matching your interior or creating faux age (antiquing) unfinished hardwoods make it possible.

Walnut Flooring

Hickory Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Select, Character, #2 Common

Maple Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Select, Character, #2 Common

Red Oak Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Select, #1 Common, Character, #2 C, ommon

Walnut Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Select, Character, #2 Common

White Oak Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Select, #1 Common, Character, #2 Common

What is Unfinished Domestic Hardwood?

Hardwood comes from angiosperm or flowering plants such as oak, maple, or walnut; domestic indicates from the United States and unfinished means without a finish, i.e., from a mill not a factory

What grades of Domestic Hardwood flooring do you have?

Bayou Rustic offers Select & Better, #1 Common, #2 Common, Character and Euro Character when available.

What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring?

Pre-finished hardwood arrive ready to be installed. In most cases this means sanded, stained, and finished with a UV aluminum oxide coating. Unfinished hardwood floors must be ‘site finished’ prior to installation.