Unfinished Tigerwood Flooring

Tigerwood is unlike any other Brazilian hardwood, with its exotic reddish-brown color, inundated with unique tiger-like dark stripes that inspire and transform any outdoor living space. Similar in pricing to Cumaru decking, homeowners looking to add value and one-of-a-kind flare.But more than just the colors, Koa’s interlocked “wavy irregular” grain add to this really cool exotic flooring option. From sophisticated and refined to tropical and exotic, Tigerwood has the color pallet to compliment most homes, inside or out.

Available in various widths ( 2 ¼ , 3 ¼, 5 ) with 1’ to 7’ standard lengths. Unfinished 3/4” Solid Flooring Tongue & Groove, Square Edge, End Matched. Prefinished- Factory Finished 3/4” Solid Flooring, Tongue & Groove with Micro Bevel and End Matched. Aluminum Oxide UV cured finish. 25 Year Wear-Through Warranty.

Tigerwood KOA Brazilian Hardwood Flooring

Tigerwood Unfinished

Flooring Grade: Clear

Tigerwood Installation

Durability and Stability
Tigerwood’s Janka rating of 1850 sits in the middle of the import scale but combined with its durability and you get amazing longevity. Floors properly maintained will easily last 50 years or more. Tigerwood’s high density and abundance of natural oils give it a strong advantage in water-resistance. Once a finish is applied, tigerwood is unlikely to warp, crack or rot even in a relatively damp environment. In fact, the species is naturally resistant to rot and decay; so much so that decking can last 30+ years with no finish at all.

Finish and Installation
Tigerwood’s hardness makes it difficult to install without professional grade tools. Cutting it requires carbon-tipped saw blades. To use screws or nails, you will need to pre-drill holes, which requires a drill with a carbide bit. Gluing the wood is possible, but not easy because of the natural oils which inhibit the glue from setting properly.

Furthermore, just as it resists water penetration, tigerwood also resists stains and preservatives. Only exceptionally low viscosity products such as Bona Natural work with Tigerwood.