Caribbean Heart Pine- Monocoat by Rubio “White Wedding”

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3/4 x 5 Caribbean Heart Pine 85% Heartwood with 2-12 nested bundles that will average 7', twice the norm. While the ends are matched the edges are straight, no bevel. Knots and Color provide a canvas that does not need much, why pay for it? Tiger can send these amazing boards to you ready to install and save you a fortune. To learn more about Caribbean Heart Pine, visit.  
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Whitewashed flooring is more popular than ever and can be found in beach front homes and those nowhere near water. The style is popular with the decorating style referred to as “Shabby Chic” and color range. Now more-transparent the off-white and greyish-white colors do not hide the woods’ natural characteristics are the norm. With Monocoat you will still be able to see the character and knots that are some popular today. White Wedding, our spin on White Washing is available using our Southern Pine and offered in wide plank 7”as well.

White Wedding- ¾ x 5” in 12’ nested bundles, your average length will be 7’ or more than double the industry standard and 4 times normal box store floors. Straight edge, no bevel, tongue, and groove with matching ends. Minimum 85% Heartwood on the face of every board. Rubio Monocoat uses a unique molecular bonding technology to adhere to the topmost fibers of the wood it is applied to. Within minutes this technology forms a durable finish that maintains the natural appearance and feel of the wood. Rubio Monocoat’s unique molecular bonding technology also allows for a one-coat finish meaning there is no need to continually apply oil or build up layers of polyurethane like with traditional finishes.

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Caribbean Heart Pine

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