5″ White Oak Unfinished Engineered Flooring (Select, 4mm)

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Our 5" Engineered White Oak Select will typically will have very consistent color and grain throughout. Our select flooring will have minimal variation from the sapwood. Each board is hand selected for consistent color and clear grain with few to no knots. The 5" Engineered White Oak 5/8", 4mm has a generous 6mm wear layer and tongue and groove on all 4 sides for easy installation. White Oak flooring takes stain beautifully and a wide variety of finish tones can be achieved. It's a classic look that works with any décor.  
SpeciesWhite Oak
ConstructionSolid Hardwood Flooring
Note: If you need an amount less than the minimum order, we can still provide this to you but you may incur a pallet break fee. Pallet size 240 sqft, 24 sqft bundles If you need under 240 sqft, please give us a call!
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5″ Engineered White Oak (Select)

More about White Oak

White oaks are just one of many types of more than 450 species of oaks which live around the world. Considered a keystone species, oaks support our planet’s ecosystem like very few other tree species do. These stately trees are fundamental to the health of our forests, providing critical food, habitat and shelter for animals, birds, and insects, and have the highest amount of biomass compared to any other tree species in the forest, working harder to clean our air than many of their fellow tree species.

Lumber- Compared to red oak, on the average, white oak is heavier, stronger, and frequently darker in color. Much of the native white oak lumber is exported to Japan and Europe. When properly aged, white oak makes excellent barrels for wine–probably the best oak wine barrels in the world. Whiskey barrels are another excellent use for oak.

The Flooring – Without Question Northern White and Appalachian White are the most important sub species with regards to flooring. The heartwood ranges from a pale-yellow brown to a gray brown or tan “biscuit” brown, to a darker brown, occasionally with a pink tinge. White oak sapwood is usually lighter in color, often close to white.

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White Oak

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