Prefinished Brazilian Hardwoods

Imported Brazilian hardwoods are among the hardest, most durable products you can use for your outdoor deck. In the last decade, we have seen a transition indoors as manufactures begin offering more tongue and groove floors, solid and engineered. On the whole these imported hardwood species are dense and resistant to scratches, rot, and insects. In general, tropical hardwoods can last from 30-50 years, and that is outdoors. In addition to this amazing longevity, they are so dense that they can easily withstand damage from pets, children, weather, and incidental wear-and-tear.

What about the downsides to using tropical hardwood? Prefinished Brazilian hardwood is heavy! You will face challenges when lifting and working with this wood due to its density. Plus, since these species are so hard, they require special tools, like carbide-tipped saw blades, and special construction methods, like pre-drilling screw holes. And finally, remember most of the species, while not endangered, originate from countries or regions that may not practice sustainable forestry.

Walnut Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Prefinished

Flooring Finish: Natural

Brazilian Walnut Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Natural

Brazilian Teak Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Natural, Espresso Matte, Espresso Matte, Bona Naturale

Brazilian Chestnut Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Natural

Santos Mahogany Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Clear Tint, Natural

Tigerwood Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Natural