Monocoat Finished Pine Flooring

What is Bayou Rustics Monocoat prefinished flooring Series?

Our Monocoat series of floors are not so much an offer as they are a library. In fact, you find DIY customer flooring as well as the ones Bayou Rustic finished for past customers. Why limit your choices to a handful of colors when you have over 70 color options and 3 ‘effects’ which allow for too many too count.

Adding smoke or White as an undercoat can create a look which screams luxury, a French bleed finish is easy enough for DIY. Another way Bayou Rustic offers a unique customer experience; we are encouraging DIY homeowners to use Monocoat with our unfinished floors, however if they choose to have us create it, no problem.

Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring "Tank"

Cost of Monocoat by Rubio

Custom Caribbean Heart Pine

When you compare the cost of Monocoat by Rubio, remember “one coat” not two or three. Monocoat wholesale prices are double most retail prices, in short it is expensive unless you measure by the hour labor and or time. The product is plant based. It adheres to the wood in way which prevents any other product reaching the wood, including more Monocoat. To sum it up, we find it “easy to do the most with” with an added benefit when working with customers choosing color. So, to answer the question, we must ask a question or twos. First, how many square feet do you need as our hard cost to finish depending 100% on that number. Second question (s) could be multiple colors or effects, and or all long boards, 10’ for example or about species preference, all of which affect price.

Creative process much easier

Monocoat by Rubio offers us the chance to interact with customers using the same boards and finish product. How that different from any finish, well ease of use and 100% free of volatile organic compounds. By interacting we mean that customers order a sample kit, they create their floor using our samples which then we reproduce using our unfinished floors. We could never attempt this across the board with all finish types, for a number of reasons with customer experience variations at the top of the list.

More finish options include Bona & WOCA with High Traffic UV

Our small batch wide plank prefinished Heart Pine is produced using the leading waterborne finishes available today. These include products from: Troffer® Industrial Coatings, Bona® Industrial Coatings with Bona® High Durability Finishes Including but not limited to Bona Traffic® UV, Bona Traffic® UV Ultra Matte, and Bona Traffic Natural™ UV finish. WOCA® Industrial Coatings, and of course, Rubio® Monocoat™.

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