Engineered Hickory Flooring

Hickory is one of the most varied, useful, and economically significant trees in the forest. It is often associated with our pioneer past and retains its appeal even in modern times. Hickory species belong to the walnut family, which includes pecans and other nut-bearing trees. Numerous hickory species exist throughout eastern North America, including the Appalachians.

Engineered Hickory Flooring

Hickory Engineered

Flooring Grade: Euro

Engineered Hickory Installation

The density of this wood makes it somewhat difficult to work with. Tools need to be kept sharp and the wood blunts them quickly. The homeowner’s best option is to hire a professional flooring contractor who will lay the floor in a way that ensures that the planks or tiles will not shift over time.

Janka Hardness Rating: 2,820 lbs. (1306 kg.) By comparison, Northern Red Oak is rated at 1,290 lbs. (585 kg.)

Stability: Width movement expected in a 3″ face from a one percent change in moisture content is between 0.005″ and 0.009″. By comparison, Northern Red Oak’s value is 0.004″ to 0.010″.

Manufacturing Specifications: Moisture content is 6% to 8%. Weight is 3.5 lbs./Sqft Widths: 2 1/4″, 3″, 3 1/4″, 4″, 5″ Thicknesses: 3/4″ Unfinished 3/4″ Solid Flooring Tongue & Groove, Square Edge, End Matched