Unfinished New Heart Pine

Why call it New Heart Pine?

New tells us that this new heart pine unfinished is not reclaimed, when if fact it is not new compared to building material pine. Our Heart Pine floors are produced using mature Longleaf Southern Pine trees. 95% of all the pine harvested in the United States is from farms because they use a fast-growing species for 2 x 4’s. Southern Pine is durable, strong and handles environmental changes better than most domestic hardwoods which makes it perfect to build houses.

Heartwood, commonly known as heart content consist of heart and sapwood. A good example is our character grade Heart Pine which has more knots and therefore more sapwood than a clear grade. Heart pine without sapwood will usually have more vertical grain, with tones that are browner than the red found in sapwood. It should be noted that sapwood becomes as hard as heart pine as it is exposed to oxygen (dies), so the stability and hardness are equal no matter the percentage of heart to sap.

Heart Pine unfinished Flooring

Vertical Grain New Heart Pine sells under the grades Prime and or select, either works. We call it the same as when we place the order, by the actual description. Vertical grain can be easily identified by the “lines” running vertical on 80% of the board face. Vertical Heart Pine floors are available in 3 ¼ or 4”, no wide plank; this grade originates at the center of the tree limiting widths produced by flooring mills.

Heart Pine Select Vertical Grain

Heart Pine Information

Southern Yellow Pine is currently grown on a little over 190 million acres of forest land in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. When the economy is strong, over 15 billion board feet of lumber will be produced every year. Southern Yellow Pine lumber has now become the premier building product of the South.

Slash and longleaf pines are the strongest and heaviest, with slash pines slightly higher in both properties. Both species are considered as very stiff, hard, and moderately high in shock resistance. This high strength and stiffness means that SYP is ideal for structural components, such as roof trusses, framing, and decking. Dense southern pine is preferred in heavy construction, such as bridges, trestles, and dock works. Southern pine lumber is used extensively for laminated softwood timbers. Because the wood of SYP treats easily with preservative chemicals it is used extensively for items such as piling, utility poles, decking, and railway ties. Currently, over 60 percent of the SYP lumber is treated for outdoor use.


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