Unfinished Hard Maple Flooring

Hard Maple
Hard Maple Flooring has a very subdued, closed grain with moderate figuring and uniform texture. It is native to North America. Hard maple is also called sugar maple, hence its scientific name, Acer saccharum. Maple’s sapwood is pale to creamy white, whereas its heartwood is creamy white to light reddish brown. Because of its lighter color, it is a frequent choice for contemporary architectural styles and flooring. Sometimes confused with species of soft maple, with difference in weight must be used, even by professionals. And yes it matters, where hard maple is markedly heavier than some lighter species such as silver maple, for example.

When you take durability, aesthetics and performance into account, it’s no surprise that maple flooring is the industry standard for gyms. Maple gym floors dominate the new builds and Hard Maple (northern) leads the way.  In fact, according to the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA), the authoritative voice on sports floor installation and maintenance, Northern hard maple is sometimes called “nature’s perfect flooring surface”. With a Janka hardness rating of 1450, maple is a highly durable, dense wood and is dent resistant. Although hickory has a higher hardness rating, it’s not nearly as stable as maple and why you don’t see hickory gym floors.

Hard Maple Solid Flooring

Hard Maple Unfinished

Flooring Grade: Select & better

Hard Maple Unfinished

Flooring Grades: Character

Hard Maple Unfinished

Flooring Grades: #2 Common

DIY suitability

Hard Maple has a fine grain and subtle color variances. While it accepts stains and finishes well, pre-conditioning is necessary to avoid splotchy floors. Hard Maple is available solid, unfinished and prefinished along with engineered tongue and groove floors. While it is easy to work with, it could be the only real wood that looks fake once installed which is fine for engineered floors. But site finishing ¾  solid hardwoods, why would anyone buy Maple? So, price & workability good, style not so good; what rating does that deserve? Of course we are having some fun, but the point remains find a Maple floor to view before letting price be your guide.

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