Domestic Hardwood Flooring

Mill Direct Unfinished Domestic Hardwoods

Bayou Rustic Flooring offers unfinished domestic hardwood and engineered hardwoods direct from an actual mill. Imagine you, the homeowner being able to buy flooring from the best mills using a company without an agenda. What does that look like? We select our hardwoods mills based on their specialty, species and quality. A perfect example, you may combine Rift & Quartered White Oak floors with Shiplap Pine walls from two sources, they are usually never at the same mill. We have already  done the legwork for the you, earning Bayou Rustic Flooring an A+ BBB rating along the way.

Domestic White Oak Floors
Domestic Hickory Flooring


“We remove all the propaganda and tell the truth about the entire process; true transparency earned our A+ rating.”

Domestic Maple Flooring


Domestic Red Oak Flooring


Domestic Walnut Flooring


Domestic White Oak Flooring


Be inspired by our domestic hardwood projects

White Oak Flooring
White Oak Flooring Close-Up
Walnut Flooring
Walnut Flooring #1 Common
Southern Yellow Pine Flooring
Southern Yellow Pine Flooring Close-Up

What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring?

We allow you to choose which version of our floors is right for your project without pushing any specific flooring. Some homeowners may not be able to site finish a floor while they reside in the home with dogs and or kids, for example. While our DIY, who have the experience (or contractor), create some of the most amazing floors because they take their time, without worrying about labor cost.