Unfinished Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring

Our Caribbean Heart Pine is AMAZING…highest heart content anywhere!

Bayou Rustic Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring has 85+% heart content per board, it is kiln dried, tongue and Grove, end matched with relief grooves on the back for stability. It comes by barge from Honduras on full pallets.

Each pallet has hand packed, nested bundles of 1-12’ boards with an average length of 6’.  Each bundle weighs ~65 lbs so it is an easy offload.  The flooring is milled perfectly so installation is easy for pros – installers love it.

The harvested Caribbean Heart Pine comes from stands of normally slow-growing, mature timbers that allows us to produce consistent high grade flooring.

Caribbean Heart Pine Unfinished

Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring (CHP) is known for its distinctive grain, rich, lustrous patina, and durable hardness. Our Unfinished Caribbean Heart is uniform in color and will range from golden brown to red brown heartwood to lighter brown sapwood. Caribbean Heart Pine deepens in dark red color over time. Perhaps one of the most desirable traits of Caribbean Heart is that natural beauty becomes more evident with time. As the wood ages, its patina emerges providing a palette of rich, vibrant colors ranging from yellows to vibrant reds and coppers that deepen and intensify with age.

Caribbean Heart Pine Unfinished

Flooring Grade: Prime - 85% Heart Pine

Unfinished Caribbean Heart Pine – Prime Grade (CHP) will have a few tiny pin knots compared to the larger knots and sapwood in the Rustic grade. Prime grade resembles what most people think about when they imagine old Heart Pine flooring, classic if you will. The colors are more uniform compared to our rustic grade, of course but there does exist enough variance to make it “interesting”. Prime Grade wide plank CHP screams luxury floor as evidenced by this awesome finished New Orleans home, circa 2019.

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SPECIESCaribbean Heart Pine

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LENGTHS1' -12' Random

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WIDTH3 1/4" -7"

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Caribbean Heart Pine Unfinished

Flooring Grade: Prime, Rustic 85% Heart Pine

Rustic Grade CHP
Rustic Caribbean Pine offers the homeowner so many options, with the patina and character antiquing this grade comes easy with the right products. Rustic CHP has more sapwood, which provides the color scope ranging from light brown to darker red tones. The knots in our rustic grade will get larger the wider the board, but they are smooth as the defects have been culled before hitting our shores.

Caribbean Heart Pine will fool experts.

CHP is the great substitute, “tell them it came out of Benjamin Franklin’s boyhood home, and they will never now it”. The question: create the age or pay for it, i.e., Antiqued New or Antique Reclaimed Heart Pine. In fact, Antiquing is the act of creating age, which becomes much easier with the right materials. CHP meets all the criteria in either grade, prime or rustic. The question becomes knots or no knots, character versus more uniform, what is your style? Do you want to take those knots and add age or stay classic with the prime?
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