Prefinished Brazilian Teak Flooring

Prefinished Brazilian Teak (Cumaru)
Brazilian Teak is a ridiculously hard and durable exotic wood with a striking appearance. Price and durability make Cumaru hardwood decking perfectly suited for commercial developments and high traffic decks.  Brazilian Teak has a yellow brown color which varies from a light to medium hue. It will darken slightly with exposure to light over a few months.

Available in various widths ( 2 ¼ , 3 ¼, 5 ) with 1’ to 7’ standard lengths.  Brazilian Teak 3/4” Solid Flooring Tongue & Groove, Square Edge, End Matched.

Prefinished Brazilian Teak- Factory Finished 3/4” Solid Flooring, Tongue & Groove with Micro Bevel and End Matched. Aluminum Oxide UV cured finish. 25 Year Wear-Through Warranty.
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Brazilian Teak Hardwood Flooring

Prefinished Brazilian Teak

Brazilian Teak Installation

Resistant to insects, mold, mildew, and decay, give you a life expectancy of 50+ years. Cumaru is the second hardest Brazilian hardwood, almost 3 times harder than Oak and a more economical choice for your exterior deck than Ipe hardwood decking, while still maintaining premium quality. (Janka Hardness Rating: 3,540 lbs). Due to the dense grain, very dry environments may not be optimum for Brazilian Teak. A perfect example of what we mean when we tell people “Janka Rating” has nothing to do with the ability to handle environmental change.

Brazilian Teak’s hardness makes it difficult to install without professional grade tools. Cutting it requires carbon-tipped saw blades. To use screws or nails, you will need to pre-drill holes, which requires a drill with a carbide bit. Gluing the wood is possible, but not easy because of the natural oils which inhibit the glue from setting properly. Furthermore, just as it resists water penetration, Brazilian Teak also resists stains and preservatives.

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