Prefinished Brazilian Chestnut Flooring

Prefinished Brazilian Chestnut, AKA Sucupira,  is a tough and dense wood imported from Brazil. Sucupira has an irregular, somewhat interlocked grain and wavy and a course texture. Because of its density, it is very resistant to termites and decay. It features brownish red to tan color tones. Brazilian chestnut ranks at 3540 on the Janka scale which makes it more than double the hardness of Red Oak (1290). Brazilian Chestnut is also photosensitive, and with exposure to sunlight (UV light) will darken over time.

Prefinished Brazilian Chestnut is available in various widths ( 2 ¼ , 3 ¼, 5 ) with 1’ to 7’ standard lengths. Unfinished 3/4” Solid Flooring Tongue & Groove, Square Edge, End Matched. Prefinished- Factory Finished 3/4” Solid Flooring, Tongue & Groove with Micro Bevel and End Matched. Aluminum Oxide UV cured finish. 25 Year Wear-Through Warranty.

Walnut Flooring

Brazilian Chestnut Prefinished

Flooring Grade: Natural

Brazilian Chestnut Installation

People who like the wood praise it for its great strength and outstanding durability. Sucupira’s across-the-board strength properties puts it near the top of durability ratings. Brazilian Chestnut has been well received in both commercial and residential applications.

The Verdict is mixed on Brazilian Chestnut flooring. Some will say Sucupira is boring, or a muddy-brown wood, while others describe it as lustrous chocolate brown with interesting golden striping. The floors can be difficult to install, or to be more specific, to cut. However, the species holds screws very well and the Janka rating alone makes it a popular floor choice.

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