Bayou’s Custom Flooring

Bayou Rustics is essentially a bridge between commercial contract finishing, and the homeowner.

Our small batch wide plank prefinished Heart Pine is produced using the leading waterborne finishes available today. These include products from: Troffer® Industrial Coatings, Bona® Industrial Coatings with Bona® High Durability Finishes Including but not limited to Bona Traffic® UV, Bona Traffic® UV Ultra Matte, and Bona Traffic Natural™ UV finish. WOCA® Industrial Coatings, and Rubio® Monocoat™.

Caribbean Heart Pine Flooring "Tank"

Character Heart Pine Flooring

Prefinished Caribbean Pine

Flooring Grade: Vintage, Fawn, Natural

The difference between Caribbean Pine and Caribbean Heart Pine resembles the relationship with Character grade and New Heart Pine.

It is all about heart content, the percentage of heartwood to be more precise. Caribbean Pine will contain up to 50% heartwood, in 1-7’ lengths while Caribbean Heart Pine contains a minimum 85%, in 2-12’ lengths. Another way to express the differences would be Old Growth versus New Heart Pine, either way works, and the differences are not hard to see when compared side by side. The problem occurs when both are called Caribbean Heart Pine, one sold prefinished, the other unfinished. We tell the truth about what you are buying, without bias or incentives. Bayou Rustic has a homeowner driven solution; we offer a custom finished Caribbean Heart Pine and the “#2” grade Caribbean Pine, factory prefinished with three options: