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About Bayou Rustic Flooring


Mill Direct Flooring Since 2016

Welcome to Bayou Rustic! We are proud to offer finished to order heart pine floors; along with a wide selection of imported hardwoods, such as Brazilian Cherry, and domestic hardwoods such as White Oak. Founder Heather Howard spent 10 years in the timber business before co-founding Tiger Flooring, LLC. Along with her husband Jason, Heather created a mill direct Southern Pine model while earning an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Now, in 2021 Bayou Rustic uses the same customer direct business model with 1st run hardwoods, finished and unfinished. We remove the things that increase prices such as retailers, box stores and local professionals offering “packaged deals”. Heather, Jackie, and Danielle understand how to create homeowner equity and a show stopping floor. To be clear, we are not talking about increasing your budget; on the contrary as our process reduces cost at every step.

Mill Direct Flooring

Customize your floor

A portion of Bayou Rustics mission statement reads; “To disrupt and re-invent the way homeowners’ shop for luxury floors.” We accomplish by giving our customers access to the creative process in that they decide grade, width, and lengths, which determines prices. At Bayou Rustic your options are limited by our collective imagination, inspiration can come from anything or anywhere. Imagine describing the color of a sunset then producing it with our blending options. What about in sending a picture of your rescue dog or your hair, both of which we have produced. To find out more by setting up an initial appointment at which time our team can help you decide on a plan of action for your project.

Tuck Custom Pine Flooring
Prefinished Caribbean Heart Pine
Custom Costal Collection Rustic Pine
White Oak White Wash Flooring